Beau - Principal Designer / Owner / Maker

Beau - Principal Designer / Owner / Maker

Thank you for following along with my making journey!

Based in Minneapolis, MN and Clinton Twp, MI


Koonyai Studio started out of the need to support myself during grad school. I drove to a hardware store to pick up a bag of concrete mix, just to realize that it didn't work for making jewelry and I had to create my own concrete. The whole year after was spent experimenting with concrete and explaining to my parents and friends how this is my job now. A couple years later, I couldn't ask for a better job.

Trained as an architect, I am particularly drawn to build materials such as concrete and metal. Aside from making jewelry, I spend at least one day of every week with experimentation to developed my very own concrete formula and technique to ensure the best products for you. 

Sustainability and Social Impact:

All of Koonyai's products, jewelry parts, and packaging are made in the U.S.A to bring the jobs back to local community. When the work gets out of hand, women who experience homelessness and domestic abuse from local shelters are hired to assist with the needs. They gain back their confidence and self-worth while learning jewelry making skills. It's a win-win situation!


Koonyai's cotton bags are made with 100% unbleached cotton to ensure that the least amount of chemicals is involved in the making. Cardboard boxes and newsprint stuffing are made of recycled fibers and post-consumer material. I also keep jewelry tags tiny because I know you toss them away anyway.